Facial waxing & Lash tinting



Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows are meticulously shaped taking into account your eye shape, face shape, natural brow and of course your style.

Choose from either top quality wax or an all natural sugar paste. Precision tweezing is included in every treatment to ensure you get a beautiful brow shape.

If you find your skin goes pink after waxing, a calming Jelly Mask is a must. Soothes and hydrates plus gives you some extra time to relax.


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Elizabeth uses high quality tint suitable for sensitive eyes. Subtle honey tones for lighter hair and richer colours for deeper tones. Tint can temporarily fill in the brows for a fuller look. It also helps define lashes for a sultry flutter. 


If you have not had tinting before or have reacted to other brands of tint. Please take advantage of our complimentary patch testing, 24hrs prior to your treatment. Please call Elizabeth on 0412 878511 to arrange. 

Eyelashes & Brows Time Price
Eyebrow shaping with Sugar 15 mins $26
Eyebrow Shaping with Wax 15 mins $24
Combined Brow wax plus tint 15 mins $30
Combined Brow wax plus tint with lash tint 25 mins $35

Facial Waxing and Sugaring

As ladies we can be quite self conscious of facial hair that pops up in unwanted places. In the studio Elizabeth discreetly removes hair from those areas. Sugar paste is excellent for removing those fine fluffy hairs along the jawline. It is also also a better option for ladies that have Rosacea and sensitive skin conditions. 

Hot wax is effective for areas with thicker, darker hair eg the upper lip and chin. High quality wax is a great option for removing stubborn hairs.


Facial Sugaring & Waxing Time Price
Eyebrow wax plus lip 15 mins $30

Eyebrow wax plus lower face

(lip + chin + jawline)

30 mins $42

Eyebrow Sugar plus lower face

(lip + chin + jawline)

30 mins $44
Lower face sugar only 15 mins $30




Strict infection control standards and high levels of hygiene are applied for all services.

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