Dermal Therapies


Dermal Therapies offered at Secret Skin Studio are:

:Collagen Induction Therapy (Skin Needling)

:Chemical Peels

:Crystal Microdermabrasion

:Plasma Arc

These treatments target specific concerns. They may be offered to repeat facial customers that have had previous skin treatment.

If you are a new customer please book either a skin consultation or refresh facial prior to any dermal therapies.

Secret Skin Studio has policies in place regarding treatment to ensure you get the safest most effective treatment possible.

Collagen Induction Therapy or Skin Needling

What is skin needling used for?

-Full face skin rejuvenation of aged and sun damaged skin.

-Acne scarring and raised, fibrous scars.

-Smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

-Reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

-Stretch marks and evening out pigmentation .

Often used on face, neck, décolletage and hands.

How does it work?

Skin needling involves micro-punctures of the skin with a needle like device to induce new collagen growth for the purpose of skin rejuvenation.   The injury to blood vessels induces an inflammatory response bringing a complex cascade of platelets, cytokines, growth factors and fibroblasts to the area. The bodies natural wound healing response results in increased collagen and elastin deposition. This tissue remodelling can continue over the next 12 months as type III collagen is replaced by type I collagen.

The appearance of the skins texture is improved. A smoother, tighter more even and youthful looking complexion. Assisting to even out scar tissue and pigmentation.

$235 (Plus the purchase of a topical numbing cream if required). Areas included in each needling session include Face, neck, decolletage and hands.  Customers will also receive one bonus LED session 1 week post treatment to boost results.

For anyone that is interested in skin needling but unsure of the process. Here is a brief demo of Elizabeth doing her own needling. No numbing cream was used in this area. When you use top quality equipment in the correct, safe manner there is minimal discomfort.


Chemical Peels

Modern Superficial peels are formulated to be convenient with minimal downtime. Many contain not only ingredients to promote cell turnover they also have anti-inflammatory, hydrating and anti-oxidant rich botanicals to treat the skin. 

We have a range of different peels in studio of varying strengths. This allows us to target specific concerns with the most appropriate solution. Often used for acne scarring, congestion, fine lines & wrinkles, sallow/dull skin and dryness due to build up.

What's the catch! You must be willing to stay out of the sun both pre and post peel. You will most likely be pink or red for up to 24 hrs so avoid gym workouts, pools and don't book just before a night out on the town!
Some may see peeling for a few days - some may not. This varies from person to person and is also determined by the type of peel.

If you have not had any skin treatment with me then simply book for a skin consult or first time facial and we can most likely follow up with an introductory peel 1-2 weeks after.


The latest peel from AWE not only boosts cell turnover. It contains strong antioxidant and humectant properties. Formulated to target ageing skins and pigmentation. Designed to soften and moisturise. Elizabeth recommends a series of 3 peels, each 3 weeks apart. 



For more advanced peels the skin must be prepped with a cosmeceutical grade over the counter Vitamin A serum for 2 weeks prior.

A tyronsinase inhibitor is also highly recommended.

Minimal visible peeling or dryness expected however can be present between day 2-5.

Excessive sun exposure to be avoided 2 weeks post.

A treatment plan will be recommended for the number of peels required and time frame between each treatment.

A combination of alternating peels with other dermal therapies is often used to target specific concerns.

Depending on the peel used - customers can expect a tingling, hot or stinging sensation whilst on the skin. 

Application is for 1-10 minutes. 30 Minutes is set aside to cleanse the skin well, monitor skin closely during application and apply suitable after care lotion.

SKIN O2 Anti Age Peel    


Resurfaces & renews skin.

Targets reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.

Aids skin hydration.

Lactic Acid
Gluconic Acid
Mandelic Acid

Skin O2 Pigmentation Peel 

Formulated to even skin tone for a brighter more radiant complexion.

Helps to reduce further pigmentation.

Vitamin C
Niacinamide (B3)
Apple Extract
Kiwi Extract
Lactic Acid



Skin O2 Blemish Peel  


Speeds up the natural shedding of redundant skin cells.

Reduces sebaceous follicle blockage.

Diminishes acne causing bacteria.

Lactic Acid
Salicylic Acid 
Niacinamide (B3)
Citric Acid

Blemish Peel not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Chemical Peels $90.

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal Microdermabrasion is a more intense treatment than that of diamond microdermabrasion (in the advanced facial).

Crystal microdermabrasion projects aluminium oxide crystals at the skin, blasting away the top layer combined with suction. 

The crystal micro is better suited to target acne scarring, underlying pigment and deeper lines and ridges in the skin. It does however require additional aftercare and risk of hyperpigmentation. So you must be compliant with caring for your skin and staying out of the sun.

When used alternating with chemical peels as part of a treatment plan- crystal micro can be extremely effective. It can be used on small sections of the face or used as an overall rejuvenation treatment. The specialist mask that is used immediately after is a beautiful calming and nourishing inclusion.

Crystal Microdermabrasion $105. Price is reduced if only used for a small section of the face.

Crystal micro is also an effective treatment to be used on the hands. A great add on for a facial. Our hands, if not looked after can show considerable signs of ageing and sun damage.

Plasma Arc

Plasma Fibroblast is one of the latest, most popular Non Surgical ways to remove wrinkles, tighten loose facial and tummy skin, remove skin tags and target spider veins and capillaries on the face.

Plasma arc technology is a non surgical device which creates a tiny voltage between the device and the skin. This results in a small millimetre size carbon spot where the excess skin has been evaporated. These spots are done in a grid – so the surrounding tissue is left intact. This tightens and lifts the skin. Improving wrinkles and sagging skin. It is also used for removal of skin tags, spider veins and benign pigmentation spots.

The Plasma Consultation is essential if you are considering this treatment. Some medical conditions and medications contraindicate plasma arc treatment. Elizabeth will carefully assess your skin and offer alternative solutions if required.

Below is an example of treatment results. After healing. Obviously, some people will have a more dramatic result than others.




The controlled wound not only tightens the skin. The bodies own natural wound healing response is triggered to form new, stronger, firmer more youthful tissue.

After the initial inflammation, tissue remodelling occurs. Type 3 collagen is formed and continues to convert to type 1 collagen over the progressing months. The formation of new collagen and elastin fibres and increased glycosaminoglycans will tighten and smooth out the skin. So, the results continue to improve over months.

Most people will have 2 treatments (sometimes 3) -  3 months apart.


The results continue to improve. For many months new collagen and elastin continue to form. Each treatment is done 12 weeks apart to allow for tissue remodelling.

Yes, you will have the dots for a week or so. However, you are still able to continue as normal (with sun protection). The bonus is the “downtime” is much less than if you were to have surgery or deal with the potential side effects & bruising of injectables.

Price varies from $245 to $480 depending on the area to be treated. If multiple areas are to be done in one session they will be "packaged" up at a discounted price.


An alternative “plumping” plasma treatment is available where you do not have the residual dots. Only swelling and redness for a couple of days. This treatment however works slower so you require 6-10 treatments to achieve results. Usually these are done 2-3 weeks apart.

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