Body Sugaring & Waxing for Ladies

Body Sugaring and waxing for Ladies

A practice that dates back to 1900BC, body sugaring is a natural hair removal technique that combines lemon, sugar, and water into a thick paste. The paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth and quickly removed in the same direction the hair grows. This method is often less painful than traditional waxing and results in less ingrown hairs, redness, and inflammation. The sugar used is an all-natural, Australian owned product that feels and smells divine!

Traditional waxing is available as well. My high-quality wax is never recycled to ensure the safest, most comfortable wax possible. I focus on gentle techniques to make your waxing experience as comfortable as possible.

When done consistently, both body sugaring and waxing can eventually lead to permanent hair loss. After your treatment we provide a specialised, soothing balm to reduce redness and irritation. With home use of an exfoliant between visits, ingrown hairs can be significantly reduced.

*Brazillian waxing is best done on hair less than 1cm long. Longer hair can cause more discomfort when waxing the bikini area. If this is your first treatment or the hair is longer - please trim the bikini area prior to your booking. See our info for recommendations

Treatment Time Price
Bikini Wax 15 mins $30
g-string Wax 25 mins $45
Brazilian Wax (Ladies Only-4weeks) 30 mins $54
Braz Wax first (first time or over 4 weeks) 45 mins $62
Full arm or leg waxing 30 mins $49
Full leg sugaring 45 mins $83
Half leg sugaring 30 mins $55

 * Strict infection control standards and high levels of hygiene are applied for all services.

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