Vagheggi Rehydra mineral face mask

Price: $49.00

Nourishes dehydrated skin. Contains white clay, shea butter, jojoba oil, hyluronic acid and the hero ingredient Cuateteco, Mexican Arnica.

The multifunctional and eco-sustainable active ingredient used, extracted from the Cutateco plant, can stimulate the endogenous mechanisms of skin cells, promoting the skin's ability to autonomously integrate hydration in the hours that follow.

Vagheggi is a premium Italian brand known for their high quality ingredients and luxury scents. 

Rehydra has recently been re formulated and has also had environmentally conscious methods incorporated into all aspects of the production. New sustainable packaging: lightweight glass, refills, certified paper, inks based on renewable raw materials (plant-based) without mineral oil or aromatic solvents, and water-based coatings.


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