Vagheggi Intense Illuminating Face Serum

Price: $130.00


The ultimate in protective and restorative serums. Carefully selected ingredients to prevent the degradation of the skin fibres causing early ageing. Environmental pollution and exposure to digital devices leads to excessive free radicals damaging skin. This serum has a silky feel and the delicate, sensual fragrance of White Peony that is representative of the "Intense" range.

Contains the active ingredients Laminaria hyperborea and energised sea water for a protective effect on skin fibres and boost activation of collagen synthesis. Theobroma cocoa for a blue light filter and to stimulate skin cell production at the base layer. White peony not only smells amazing it has both brightening and antioxidant properties for the skin.

*Free delivery within 8kms of Ferny Grove. Item not available for postage.

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