Price: $160.00

The Skin O2 LED+RF Wrinkle Eraser Pen has Red (625nm wavelength) LED light rays to energise and renew skin cells. Radiofrequency technology helps to tighten skin & improve skin elasticity by the way of deep dermal heat therapy (50-55 degrees). Technology to help contract collagen and firm skin, as well as to stimulate collagen & fibroblast production for a more youthful complexion.

The pen comes in a beautiful rose colour with a small drawstring bag for easy storage. Perfect for travelling due to the small and compact design!

Free local delivery within 8kms of Ferny Grove or click & collect from the studio. POSTAGE not available with this product.

  1. Cleanse the skin to remove all makeup
  2. Apply Skin O2 Derma Fill Gel to the area you wish to treat (Best used on neck, jawline, cheeks, forehead, crow's feet, frown lines, bunny lines on the nose, lip lines, under- and upper eye areas)
  3. Gently place the device so it is directly touching the skin
  4. Slowly move the device along the skin
  5. Move the device to the next area of concern and repeat
  6. Avoid using on Adam's Apple and Eyelids

You will feel a soothing radiating warmth deep within the skin. The radio waves generated by radio frequency will continue to heat the dermis layers of the skin promoting collagen re-formation to improve skin firmness.

Frequency of use: Once or twice per week. Minimum monthly maintenance. Fully recharge the device every 2 months to extend battery life.

WARNING: Always keep the device moving across the skin. Never leave the device in the one same spot on the skin as this will induce too much heat in the one spot and can burn the skin. This device is for home use only, not for commercial use.


Safe & suitable for all skin types & ages from 18+ years, except persons with the following contraindications:

Do not use on inflamed skin, sunburn or open wounds.

Do not use if you have a pacemaker, implanted instrument or have a metal prothesis.

Do not use if you are pregnant,

Do not use if you have a heart condition or epilepsy.

Do not use if you are currently having treatment for cancer.

Do not use if recovering from cosmetic procedures, peels, laser treatment or cosmetic injectables within the last 2 weeks.


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