Why do I promote the use of Australian products?


There is simply a never ending mass of products out there for consumers to choose from.

My preference for Australian products is due to other reasons than just "buying Australian" campaigns.

A big consideration for me is the expiry date and life of the product. We simply do not know how long it has taken a product to be shipped to Australia and in what condtitions. Temperature fluctuations can degrade cosmetics and skincare really fast. 

With this in mind often additional preservatives would need to be added to allow for transit, shelf life and conditions. This changes the formulation, and increases the chance of skin reaction. Then the manufacturer has to add the cost of the freight onto the cost of the product. This means you, the consumer pay a higher price for this.

I put a lot of effort into the products I source. To ensure they are shipped as soon as possible to my studio after manufacture. Shorter transit times ensure less exposure to temperature fluctuations and less preservatives required. Keeping the freight costs down - keeps the price of the product down for you. 

These products most of all need to be effective. Australia has a wonderful selection of natural ingredients that are used in many skincare brands.

Do I believe my ranges are effective, smell nice, have minimal preservatives, suitable for different stages of life, and are affordable. Yes.

Are there other ranges out there that are also good. Yes, of course. We now have quite a few excellent Australian cosmeceutical ranges on the market. Some like SkinO2 who also have one of the best mineral make-up products out there. Evident in their success in the Dubai market.


Something for you to consider before you hand over your credit card for the next department store purchase. Where was my product manufactured, how long ago was it manufactured and am I getting the best value for money?


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