What to do with those brows?

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How do you correct eyebrows?

There is no simple answer.......

First of all you have to work with what is there.

If the brows have been tweezed to a thin line and there is no sign of the hair returning. Then booking an eyebrow wax is not going to instantly return them to a 14 yr olds eyebrow.


-Cosmetic tattoo has been a very popular option for quite a while now. It isn't cheap but can be effective. I do all too often see brows that the customer is not 100% happy with. So do your research about where you go.  Then you will need a top up from time to time.

To get an even better result. Eye brow hair transplants over the top of a really good tattoo will give the best effect. Again do your research before deciding to go ahead.


-Tinting is still a very popular option. Especially for those that are not quite up for the discomfort of a tattoo. No irritation. Is extremely cheap. It does however only last a couple of weeks.

There is now a more semi-permanent option with some fibres. It is a little similar to getting your eyelash extension every month or so. So costs can up add up, unlike normal tinting.

-Some ladies still use eye brow pencils everyday. This can be time consuming, applying feathering strokes to get it just right.  For a make-up solution the brow enhancing powders are a great option. The Silk Argan Fibre Brow Enhancer is my favourite because it applies easily, has little fibres in it to thicken brows, sets in 60 seconds, looks natural and the little bottle has a really long shelf life. This is not the only product out there. There are heaps of brands. I just like this one because it's one simple step and really good quality. 

 So what do I do if my eyebrows are reasonable but I want an update?

Fashions come and go even in the world of eyebrows. We've had the curved, tadpole, high angle arch, the angry, the super thick model and finally we are right back at slightly arched natural that follows the brow bone.

This is by the best look that suits the majority of face and eye shapes. Again it depends on what is there to start with. If you can grow a thicker brow back. Then an experienced therapist can help with this. Tinting and fibre enhancers are really useful in this situation. Just like at the hairdresser - if you can provide a picture then this will give the therapist an even better idea of what you would like to achieve. On that note- having your eyebrows waxed at the hairdressers basin is not the ideal for an eyebrow shape. 


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