What are No Light Gel Nail Polishes?

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Now that everyone is out and about with the warm weather here in Brisbane there is a lot of primping and polishing going on! I have been asked lots of questions about fingernails and polish of late.

What is Shellac? What polish is strong but not going to damage my nails? What's Vinylux?

There are lots of options and each one has its' benefits. Here is a run down of the three main types of polishes on the market - Standard Polish, Gel Polish and Hybrid polish.


*Standard polish is still the most popular option for those people who like to be in control of their own fingernail grooming.The downside is it can take a good hour to dry and often only last a few days at best.  With practice it is quick, affordable and can be changed often. For a professional look do a mini manicure prior to polish. Use an AHA cuticle cream whilst filing your nails. Then clean off any excess oils with an alcohol swab. That way it is easier to get a nice clean, even starting edge with your polish brush. A base coat, two colour coats and a top coat. If you are able to leave 10 minutes between the colour and top coat application - the polish will not only dry quicker overall but it seems to wear better too.


*Then there are salon services like Shellac and gel polishes that cure under a UV or LED light. These can last 7-14 days (depending on your lifestyle). Shellac is only a gel polish. It is not an artificial nail. If you want to instantly lengthen your nails, you will need an artificial nail or tip on first.

Shellac is fantanstic for those that can't wait for the polish to dry. Once cured under the light, they are ready to go. Just remember when you want to remove them - they will need to be soaked off with acetone. Avoid picking at or pulling the shellac off. You will take off some of your natural nail with it. Despite what the manufactuers state - if you use shellac long term you will most probably find your natural nails are weaker. Not always damaged, just weaker. I use the IBX system underneath for those long term shellac users.


*Then we have the hybrid products in the middle. They go on like a polish, dry faster, wear better than standard polish but not as long as shellac. These can be removed easily with a quick swipe of acetone. They are often promoted as "no light gels". I really like these products. I use the CND Vinlyux range. It is quite durable even when I am working. If I get a slight chip, it is easy to remove and re-apply.


Choosing the right product for you depends on your lifestyle, budget and your preference for home treatments or salon visits.

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