What Cleanser and Exfoliant is right for me?


This is one situation where “one size fits all” definitely does not apply. What suits your friend, mother, co-worker, sibling or neighbour will most likely be different for you.
It’s not about the brand.
It’s about the ingredients, the skin type, skin condition, surrounding humidity/weather, your time for routines and what you can afford to spend. Knowing how to use the products is just as important.
Secret Skin Studio stocks a range of cleansers and exfoliants to accommodate those variables. If the products we routinely stock aren’t the right ones for you, we will source them. Skin consultations even include recommendations on how to best use your current products. All Natural Look and AWE Cosmeceuticals products are sulphate and paraben free, Australian made, free from animal cruelty and have environmental sustainable packaging practices. Skin O2 is made by a Gold Coast cosmetic doctor and is one of the most effective medical grade cosmeceuticals and make-up ranges in Australia.


Natural Look Dermojel 

This is a refreshing, light gel. Formulated to leave the skin feeling fresh, clarified and refined. Fantastic as an everyday cleanser for teenagers, men or a thickened oily/acne skin. Pre-teens can often use this in conjunction with a bland, pharmacy cleanser to help minimise those initial hormonal breakouts. The huge 300mL bottle is amazing value for money at $22.00. When used as directed will last for ages. Natural ingredients include Aloe, vitamin E, cucumber oil, orange peel oil and lemon peel oil.
A lightweight moisturiser application is essential after cleansing the face.


 Skin O2 Gel Cleanser

This powerhouse will leave you feeling squeaky clean. Key ingredients include Glycolic Acid, sea salts and witch hazel. Great in summer for skin prone to acne or breakouts. It is extremely popular with men due to the simple silver look packaging, pump pack and neutral scent. 150mL for $45.00.
A lightweight moisturiser application is essential after cleansing the face.

 AWE Cosmeceuticals Gentle Cleanser

Effective and a little luxury every day. This product is packed with natural ingredients and is extremely effective at removing excess debris without leaving the skin tight or dry. The 125ml pump pack is $39.00. A compact option is also available in the travel packs. This cleanser smells delightful and the natural surfactants allow a luxurious foam without any nasty ingredients. Great for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for inflamed or sensitised skins.
A lightweight moisturiser application is essential after cleansing the face.

 Natural Look Cleansing milk

A lightweight cleanser to keep skin soft and hydrated whilst clearing away impurities. Contains Vitamin E and plant extracts, 200mL for $22.00. Can be useful in managing Rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. Also good as a morning cleanse to prep for make-up application. Pleasant scent.

Skin O2 Cream Cleanser

pH balanced and soap free. Contains Aloe vera, lavender oil and shea butter that moisturise, nourish and soften delicate skin. This beautiful product is also great as a first cleanse to emulsify heavy make-up. Really effective during winter to use all over the body. 150mL for $45.00.

AWE Cosmeceuticals Skin Polish

A blend of mild exfoliants, potent antioxidants and micro jojoba beads to gently exfoliate the skin. 30mL for $29.00. Fragranced with essential oils of rose and jasmine. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking refreshed. Great to rejuvenate hands and cuticles too!

 Natural Look Dermofoliant

This is by far one of my most popular products on the shelf. The extremely fine micro exfoliation means it can be used by a broad range of skins from pre-teens right through to mature. Some key ingredients include coconut oil, juniper, lavender and patchouli. Formulated to stimulate the building of new epidermal cells and leave you with an even glowing skin tone. Regular use assists to reduce uneven surface pigmentation. Men will like it too but they often will not admit to it due to the lovely sweet scent. 125ml for $25.00.

 Skin O2 Micro Cream

Available in three strengths “sensitive, 4% and 8%. Extremely important to get the advice of your aesthetician which one is suitable for you and frequency of use. Combines micro bead exfoliation with glycolic acid to clear away the old, tired outer skin cells and prepare the skin so treatment serums and moisturisers can penetrate effectively. Useful to assist to manage Acne. Again, popular with men due to the unisex packaging and neutral scent. 50G jar for $45.00.
A lightweight moisturiser application is essential after cleansing and exfoliating the face.

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