Tips to look after ageing skin


-Cleansers and moisturisers need to change depending on the season and changes in hormone levels.

-Yes, eye creams are worth it. I see a lot of skin – the customers that use eye creams have less lines. It’s that simple.

-For maintenance, facial treatments are best scheduled at each change of season.  To treat a particular skin concern, a prescribed treatment plan with several treatments close together will get you maximum results.

-Serums are your best friend! Vit A for cell turnover, hyaluronic for hydration and Vit C for pigmentation.

-Put your serums and moisturisers on “damp” skin. This helps lock in moisture. Take 10 seconds to massage them in rather than leaving on the surface.

-Consistency is key. Ensure your home routine is easy to follow.

-Dermal therapy treatments like skin needling and plasma fibroblast are best done later in the afternoon or early evening. That way you can sleep off the initial inflammation.

-It is perfectly okay to use products from different brands. No one brand has products that are suitable for all skins. Choose products that smell and feel comforting to you. That way they will get used.

-Follow your after care recommendations from professional treatments. Missing this step not only wastes the time and money you have spent. It also increases the chances of unwanted complications.

-Wear a hat outdoors and seek shelter from the sun where possible. UV rays age skin.

-Resurfacing treatments like chemical peels and crystal microdermabrasion are best done in cool months. This reduces exposure to the sun and risks of complications like hyperpigmentation.

-Make sure you start to moisturise your legs and arms after showering. Our skin starts to thin as we age. A little care really helps with barrier function. This is especially important with leg waxing.

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