Risks associated with injectables

Professional Treatments

So I regularly have conversations with customers about their options for facial treatment.

This can include treatment options that I do not offer. Some may be medical procedures.

Facial injectables fall into this category. My opinion is that they should be done by the "best of the best".

There are safe ways to have non surgical enhancement with minimal risk. Yes there are risks associated with all procedures. You need to do your research before committing.  

Want to know why? Have a look at this video from the US about the worse case scenario


Here is a little more information from TGA


This is a really useful page of info from Lori Robertson in the US. If you look right down the bottom of the page it gives a great overview of the types of injectables and what they do. In particular the difference between botox and fillers. Please be aware that the medication names may be different in Australia. The brand names are not allowed to be advertised in Australia. So you need to be aware of the differences between something that "relaxes the muscle" versus something that "fills".


The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons has lots of helpful information.


***Last point to note. I always recommend that you have your aesthetic dermal treatments like needling and plasma before any injectables. That way you can strengthen the tissue and the dermal treatments are not dissipating the results of the injectables.





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