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I was sitting in my local shopping centre just last week sharing a snack with my husband.

We happened to be sitting right near a pop up "charity mugger" spot. The reaction of shoppers as they walked past was pretty much all the same. Avoid eye contact, look at your phone, smile and keep walking, scowl and keep walking, "No Thankyou, no thankyou".  It prompted me to think about all those uncomfortable moments my customers have described to me when they have felt pressured to purchase products at other salons. Infact I have felt that way myself some years ago long before I started working in the Aesthetics industry.

Those pop up skincare booths where a gentleman tries to smother your hand in skin care products. Then rudely announces how it will "fix" those wrinkles or acne. It's a shame that it instantly turns the customer off because some of those products are actually quite good. 

My other customers talk about feeling pressured to buy skincare at some salons after their treatments. This is due to the fact that many salons and laser clinics (not all but many) have sales targets that staff are required to acheive in order to keep their job. This is where they make their money. So if the treatment itself is cheap, then they need to sell add ons to make a profit.

Please don't ever feel pressured into buying a product you do not want or simply can't afford. There is nothing wrong with telling the saleperson that you are unable to afford that product at the moment but could they write it down for you or keep it on your file for when you may in the future.

Yes I offer products for sale. Yes I will recommend homecare products to improve the outcome of your professional treatments. At the end of the day though, it is you choice. You must keep in mind your original skin concerns and what you want to acheive. What is it that is important to you? Is the therapist or salesperson showing me options to treat this concern or push products to improve something that is not a problem to me?

Is it a party plan range where the saleperson has little training or understanding of how ingredients work on the skin?

Finding a trustworthy therapist is often the best way to feel confident with your purchases and acheive the best outcomes with your skincare. 

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