Pitta Dosha info sheet

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Products recommended for pitta dosha:

vimala Gentle Cleanser

samskrta Skin Polish

nirvaata Calming Serum

shaanta Intensive Moisture

rasadana Hydrating Mask

zithila Multi Oil


How to balance Pitta:


exfoliate weekly (at most) to remove dead skin cells and keep skin smooth
use gentle calming and cooling products
avoid harsh chemicals and additives which may irritate
try using Ayurvedic hair oils containing Amla to reduce early greying & thinning
for the body, try light oil or moisturiser, such as coconut oil

exercise in moderation
avoid being too competitive

go to bed between 10 - 11pm

eat heavy, nourishing foods, with healthy oils
eat plenty of raw foods and salads
avoid excessively hot/spicy foods
keep alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum
eat foods with predominantly sweet, bitter and astringent tastes
avoid foods with salty, sour and pungent tastes

meditate regularly
try being more patient

For more information please see https://www.awecosmeceuticals.com.au/pages/pitta

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