Pieces of the puzzle



The most frequent question I get asked is - What do you think of "this" product or "this new treatment advertised"?

My answer is always the same. What Skin condition or Skin concern are you trying to treat?


Would you get a root canal at the dentist just because your friend recently had one and it fixed their problem? I'm guessing your answer would be a big NO.  For your concern you may only need a teeth clean, dental filling or orthodontic solutions.

Your skin concerns or skin conditions need a solution that is unique to you. There is so much more to a solution than one treatment or one product. There are many pieces of the puzzle we look at when considering a plan of action. What medical conditions do you have? Are you on medication that thins your blood or makes you light sensitive? You may eat "well" but are there possibly foods that you are sensitive to and they trigger the skin concern. Do you have gut or tummy issues. Have you been using harsh products that have caused the skin barrier to be compromised? Is your work environment contributing to flare ups. Are you taking supplements that have no benefit to your particular condition? The list goes on and on. Does this condition need immediate multiple actions or can we trial some small changes to allow the skin to heal? 

Picking a random product off the shelf because the label says, "for oily skin" and hoping it will work within 2 weeks is 99% of the time - not going to achieve your desired outcome. Apart from wasting your hard earned money it also affects your confidence that you will ever find a solution. Often it takes a combination of products and treatments before all the pieces of the puzzle come together to form the big picture. 

The easiest way to the big picture solution is collect all those unused products from the bathroom cupboard and bring them in for a review. A skin consultation gives you guidance and confidence to focus on the important parts of your life - not worry about a skin condition.

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