Love your Skin

This treatment is designed for those ladies that want it all in one session!


-Diamond microdermabrasion to remove the hard, keratinised outer layer of skin. To reveal the younger, smooth lower layers of skin underneath.  Allowing for better penetration of treatment products into the lower layers of the epidermis.The vacuum provides a relaxing massage and stimulates the blood flow in the dermis.

Followed by

-An energising Microcurrent treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment used to target sagging muscles of the jaw, neck and face. It uses low intensity current in small pulses to re-program muscle fibres. Something no aesthetic laser can do. It also assists with smoothing out surface lines, lymphatic drainage and improving circulation. Overall giving an instant more youthful appearance. Not only that it has a beautiful softening effect on the skin.

Application of

-The Skin O2 Liquid Face Lift is a super boosting serum to Lift, Firm & increase Volume. It is a formulation of natural plant growth factors, peptides, collagen, glycosaminoglycans & hyaluronic working together to plump, hydrate, fill and lift.

Also for the Hands

-A crystal microdermabrasion treatment. This is one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate hands without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. Brighter, younger looking hands to match that beautiful, rejuvenated face.

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