Lipstick Blunder

Grooming Tips

I was in a rush a couple of days ago. Lots of household duties and prepare my studio for afternoon customers before I grab a couple of hours with a friend to knock off some Christmas shopping. After the initial rush, I showered and popped on the five minute make-up. Ahh I left my new lipstick downstairs in the studio. I hear my friends car pull up in the driveway. I'll just pop on one of those old lipsticks - it'll be fine.

BAD, BAD decision.

Even though I prepped and lined my lip the colour started to bleed before we reached our destination. Then one coffee later I was left with an outline and no inner lip colour at all. Even re-applying just looked average.

Not my most flattering day. 

I have now put those old lipsticks in the bin! I will work my way through testing the beautiful Oil of Morocco range each day. Yesterday I chose the velvety Moroccan Blossom and guess what? No lip disaster. It stayed put and nourished my lips while I worked all day long. 

Today I'm going brighter with Moroccan Starburst and I'm really going to test it out - leaving it on while I exercise. A girl needs a little bit of glamour even when doing ordinary things!

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