How to restore dry skin.



Aaaarggh. The windy days have arrived right on schedule for the EKKA here in Brisbane.

If your skin is feeling dry & sensitive from the winds.

Try the following 4 easy steps.


1. Face Soaking

Soak a face cloth in warm (not hot) water, remove excess water to just damp.

Splash some water on your face. Then immediately place the entire cloth over your face and take 5 slow breaths.

Finish by gently rubbing the cloth over your lips to exfoliate.

2. Mask

While your face is still wet, apply three pumps of AWE Hydrating Mask by pressing into the skin.

Leave on the skin just like a moisturiser.

In the evening repeat the process and apply a few drops of AWE Multi oil over the top.

3. Apply Lip Balm

The Silk Lip Balm is by far the absolute BEST lip balm on the market. It combines plant conditioning waxes enhanced with nourishing certified organic oils & Vitamin E for extreme hydration. Plus it comes in a full size lipstick tube and a portion of the profits go to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

4. Keep your skin nourished from the inside with

Bestow Beauty Oil.

Packed with Essential Fatty Acids it moisturises your skin from within. This oil feeds the skin cells at the deepest layers of the epidermis. As the cells progress to the upper layers they release the beautiful oils creating plump, supple, smooth glowing skin.


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