Does shaving make the hair grow back thicker?

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FACT or MYTH- Shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker??
Guess what. No it doesn't! That is an absolute myth.
The colour, type, thickness etc of your hair is all down to genes and hormones. Hair has a tapered shape to it. That is thicker at the bottom of the shaft and thinner at the top. If you cut a hair half way down the shaft (Which is what shaving does it cuts off the top of the hair), it will appear thicker because you are seeing the thicker end.

Hair grows in three stages - a growth stage, a resting stage and a dormant stage. If you cut a hair when it is in the "growth stage" It will most likely appear stronger and thicker and may even stay in this growth stage for longer.
If you wax or sugar the hair in the growth stage, it completely removes the hair- thick shaft and all. Forcing the hair folicle bulge it grows from into the resting stage. The slight trauma from waxing can also slightly damage it and this is why the hair may grow back slightly thinner and lighter. This is the advantage of waxing over shaving. By completely removing the hair your skin stays smoother for longer and over time can grow back thinner.
My personal opinion about the 'don't shave or it will grow back thicker' belief is due to three things-:
-Girls begin shaving their legs as they approach puberty. When the hair naturally becomes darker and thicker. So they would be getting thicker anyway. The same principle applies to ladies facial hair growth as they reach their senior years. The hair would be increasing anyway due to hormonal changes.
-The simple fact that the regrowth hair appears thicker because it is cut off in a thicker part of the shaft near the root.
-Beauty therapists make a lot of bread and butter money out of regular waxing clients. So they are often reluctant to educate their customers about this. Also we never, ever, ever argue with our clients. So it may be smarter to simply smile and agree!
So when your tween or teen daughter asks to shave their legs please give it a little thought and maybe even research a little more yourself. Waxing or sugaring is most likely better long term and involves less chance of cuts and skin irritation. Shaving is however convenient and less costly. There is nothing wrong with trying both and seeing which is best for each individual. Waxing can also be alternated with something like an at home epilator. Then there are also more permanent solutions like ipl, laser and electrolysis but that's a topic for another day.

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