Christmas Shopping - Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips


Have you started Christmas Shopping yet?

Don't Cringe - it doesn't have to be that painfull.


Have a really good think about what the person does with their time? Have they mentioned something they would like recently? Most importantly - think about budget. 
Spend 10 minutes each day googling images for the items you might have in mind. Then the other pictures that might pop up on screen - may actually turn into the best gift ever. Have a look at some online shops. Would you like the item customised, maybe with their initials. Or a personal joke you both share.


Once you have your ideas. It really helps if you can check out the item in person. Is it exactly what you pictured.

MY top tip. Add an extra 10 minutes to your grocery shop or stop off on your way home from work in small bursts. Avoid trying to buy for everyone in one go. Have a quick look here and there for 1 person at a time.

You may find that within the next few weeks you have purchased gifts for everybody without the dreaded last minute or ALL DAY shop. Also you have a thoughtful, affordable gift that makes you smile as you present it.


In studio I can make up personalised gift packs and even combine them with a gift voucher for a relaxing treatment. When buying cosmetics for ladies - think about what they normally use. Is it mascara, a bright lipstick or a touch of colour on the cheeks. Nail polish and body lotion is often warmly received especially when in a toiletries bag. The combinations are endless and usually not too difficult to pick suitable items. 


So make it Easy, Happy Shopping this Christmas.....



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