BALANCE is the best for your skin






What do you think of when you hear this word?

Achieving balance takes work, commitment and planning.

There are choices to be made and often compromise.

No one else can tell you if you have "balance" in your life. It is your own opinion that really matters.


So how do we achieve great skin? 

It's pretty simple really - we approach it the same way we would our everyday lives. Balance.

Tale away the complications and decide what is important to you. Is it removing that pigmentation spot, or getting back a bit of the elasticity of our youth? Only you know what will make you comfortable looking in the mirror.

So think about what you want. Then look at the options to achieve it.

Yes if you use all three serums and have 3 weekly professional treatments - then you will most likely notice a major change in your skin.  Is this the best option for you however?  Is the routine too complicated and the cost too high or is it something you want to put the effort into? Do you enjoy the smell and feel of those products and the relaxation element of the treatments?

Do you need to compromise by starting off with a simpler routine or can you take your lunch to work this week so you can have the full treatment and home care?

Lots of questions however a good therapist will spend the time to talk to you ask you about what is important. Then give you all the options, without the hard sell. 

How you find balance should always be your choice.  When you last had a facial did you pick from a menu or did the therapist design a bespoke treatment specifically for you?  At Secret Skin Studio this is our philosophy. To take away the complications. Let you reset and relax so you can fell better about yourself.

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