Are you a Sunflower, Orchid or Rose?


What is the best way to “up your skin game” without complicated routines?


Everyone is unique. Every skin is unique. Which is your routine closest to……



I try. I wash my face and moisturise most of the time but occasionally I leave my make-up on at night. I have sunscreen but often forget to put it on.


I love my skincare. I have a set routine every single night where I layer 3 different serums and have been using the same moisturiser for years. I get a facial on my birthday and at Christmas.



Um. I wash with water and sometimes put a moisturiser on. To be honest at the end of the day I am just too tired to do very much. I do love to relax with a mask occasionally though. It makes my skin feel so good.


What to do-

Sunflowers are always bright. They can often get away with not doing too much for many years. Long term though these are often the people that develop conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis and pigmentation. There are two very simple things you can do to strengthen your skin. The first is to add in a multi vitamin skin serum at night. One that is formulated with A, C & E is essential.  You will start to notice a fresher appearance, lightening of spots and fine lines getting softer.  The second is to book in for a facial every 3 months or so. Skin that is given a refresh at the change of each season will function so much better in extreme heat or cold.


Orchids love their routine. Consistency is important in skin care however It helps to switch things up a little from time to time. Get your aesthetician to check your serums to see if they are the best for your skin. Are they formulated for maximum absorption? The technology in formulating skincare is constantly changing. A change in the type of serum may be just the boost your skin needs. You can even get more benefit from this by introducing needling. This might be an in-clinic treatment complemented by at home rolling.  Plump, well hydrated, brighter skin. We’d all say yes to that.


Roses are just beautiful. They respond to a little TLC with a magnificent bloom. Refresh and reset. Get 2-3 professional resurfacing treatments. This could be diamond microdermabrasion or a low percentage chemical peel. You will be so impressed how a little professional treatment can smooth and brighten your skin. The bonus is the calming effect on your entire body by taking some time out for yourself. Relax and let a professional do all the hard work. Simple.


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